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Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, I've been in Atlanta for about 7 years. I'm really big on working with passionate people. I like my sets to feel like family and I like the work we create to be soulful. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Arts from Clark Atlanta University and a Master of Fine Arts in Film & Television from SCAD Atlanta. I want to create stories that make people cry, smile, and anxious, stories that offer new perspectives and make people want to change for the better because those are the stories that change lives and resonate for years to come.


“You always make me feel comfortable on set. You have a natural-born eye.” – Rashad Harrington

“Thank you for making me feel beautiful before and after the edits.” – Brandy Richardson

“I’m making you my permanent photographer, these look amazing.” – DeAnthony Hill

“It’s the way you make me step out of my comfort zone and the final product always hit.” – Katerra Michelle

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